Enjoy Your Valentines Day in Namibia

With Valentine’s Day known as the official day of love (though we’d like to add that every day should be the day of love), its time to break out the fuzzy bears, chocolates, roses and humorous yet loving poems for that special someone. If corny yet cute is not your style and you would like to try something different, follow our exclusive Team Namibia Guide for an ultimate Namibian Valentine Experience.

For couples that love good food and entertainment, spoil each other this V-Day with an enchanting evening at the Kokerboom Resturant at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. Express your love over their themed feast of scrumptious seafood buffet dinner, which includes a welcome drink and live entertainment. Then, surprise him or her, with a night stay at the Country Club, making it a memorable evening.

For some local entertainment and education, The National Theater of Namibia will be hosting a couple events, throughout the week. On the 13th of February, Dr. Joseph Diescho will be doing a Public Presentation through the American Cultural Centre, called, “Citizen Participation in Advancing Democracy in Namibia Today”. This might no be considered your typical valentines date, but will be a great opportunity for you and partner to interact, learn and network. For the weekend, on the 16th February, The Last Band Standing will kick-off with Fujazz, Raslando & Penilane competing for the coveted title, guaranteeing a night filled with good Namibian music. This will be a great gift idea for the main man in your life. For more information on the above events, just contact NTN office.

If you and your better half are fortunate enough to have a day or two off from the 14th, make the most of the month of love by taking a well-deserved long weekend trip to a beautiful location with the assistance of the Namibia Tourism Broad. NTB is a government agency that aims to market and develop tourism to and within Namibia that exceeds our visitors’ experience expectations, delivers value to stakeholders, improves the living standards and sustains the cultural values and way of life of our people, and enables broad base participation of Namibians in the tourism industry.

If time is against you, but you still want take a quick trip, visit www.airnamibia.com.na, to book a flight online to one of their many domestic locations. Air Namibia has expanded upgraded their website to make bookings as stress-free as possible. They have also extended their Call Center’s Operation Hours, for your booking and reservation convenience, allowing you to make those last minute trips possible.For a more romantic location, why not book a quick first class flight with Air Namibia to Walvis Bay and stay at the Award Winning Langholm Hotel, which offers a gourmet a la carte dinner service to its guests from Sunday evening through Thursday evening (Friday and Saturday by arrangement) and has a very festive bar which boasts a collection of over a 1000 caps/hats and a lounge where one can chill out in relative peace and quiet with a drink of one’s choice, creating a perfect setting for you and your loved one.

Reasons to Get The Binding Machine for Your Home Use

If you are lacking a binding machine in your home, don’t worry, there are several options that you can use to properly bind your documents safely and securely in place. While a binding machine is a great thing to have, many start up business or people working from home might not have the funds to buy a binder right away. Some of the reasons for this might seem obvious (i.e. putting together school assignments) while others might surprise you (i.e. it can be affordable). That said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting a binding machine for home use.

* When you think of binding machines, a device that utilizes plastic combs probably comes to mind. Combs are really popular supplies because they’re easy to work with and can bind both short and long books. However, there are other bookbinding types to choose from such as thermal and wire. So feel free to select one that appeals to you.
* One reason you should consider getting a binding machine is that they’re actually surprisingly affordable. You can usually get a high-quality unit from some of the most popular manufacturers (GBC, Fellowes) for under $100.00. (A thermal machine will probably cost a bit more than that.) No matter what your budget is like, there’s likely a device that’s right for you.
* Many binding machines are easy to use so you can start producing quality work rather quickly. Some of them are designed in such a way that you can figure out how to use one without even reading an instruction manual.
* A binding machine is a great tool to have around if you or someone you live with is attending school. You can use it to bind items such as theses, term papers, essays, and so on. You could even use it to bind group presentations. A bound document can really impress your teacher or professor and it could be that one thing that raises from your grade from a B to an A. (A caveat: you may want to make sure your teacher will accept a bound document. Some of them prefer papers that have just been stapled.)
* If you dabble in cooking or photography, you might want to make a cookbook or photo album at some point. These items can help you organize and store your favorite recipes or photos for easy reference. You could also give away cookbooks as gifts or sell them at a crafts fair. And if you need to put together a portfolio of your best photographs, the binding machine can help you out. It will even help you save money because you don’t need to have a third party do the work for you.
* Finally, binding machines can be handy if you’re interested in crafting. For one thing, they make it possible for you to create your own scrapbooks. You can use your own special paper to create a book that’s really personal. You could also make coloring books, art collections, and so on. The sky’s the limit.

As you can see, there are many reasons to get a binding machine for home use. Consider getting one today so you can see how useful it can be.

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