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About Us
Created in 2007, is that the place favourite retailers and online offers.

With, it's easy for consumers to find what they are looking for. You're looking for a hard to find gift for him, or a new book for her, or even something for the kids, we're sure you'll be able to find something suitable on the online shopping directory. offers all information about malls & online stores, jewelry, office supplies, computer, luxury shopping, food & drink, apparel.

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Facts about Shopping

- The majority of women who love shopping are more confident and less often suffer from depression.

- Women that shop during the week are thought to be happier and in a better mood than than those who use only weekends for buying things.

- Women spend more money shopping for clothing for a holiday than than the holiday itself.

- In a woman's life time she will spend 25 184 hours 53 minutes shopping.

- It is thought that women think about shopping just as often as men think about sex. 74 per cent of women admit they think about shopping every minute, i.e. 950 times a day!

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